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The Future of Live Broadcast TV

Enhance Your Broadcast

Live broadcast TV is a challenging and competitive industry that requires constant innovation and adaptation to meet the demands of the viewers and the clients. One of the ways we achieve this is by using custom built drones and camera systems that can offer never seen before shots, high-quality footage, and flexible operation.

Unlock Limitless Potential

Custom built drones and camera systems are specialized devices that are designed and configured to suit the specific needs and requirements of a live broadcast TV project. Unlike off-the-shelf drones and cameras, custom built ones can have features such as:

- Higher payload capacity, allowing for larger and more advanced cameras, gimbals, and LCS
- Longer flight time and range, enabling extended coverage of larger events
- Lower sound emissions, ensuring minimal disturbance to the environment and the audience
- Enhanced signal transmission, using filtered cobham downlinks to ensure interference free and high- quality video feed
- Advanced control software, allowing for precise and smooth movement, tracking data, and safety features

Advantages of Going Custom

Unmatched aerial views: Custom built drones and camera systems can capture stunning aerial footage and cover live events from angles and heights that are impossible or impractical to achieve with cable-based systems, helicopters, or cranes. For example, drones can fly over crowds, buildings, or natural landscapes, providing a bird’s eye view of the action. Cable-based systems, on the other hand, can offer stable and smooth shots from above, without the risk of rotating blades or power outages. Both technologies can complement each other and create a dynamic and immersive viewing experience.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency: Custom built drones and camera systems can reduce the operational costs and complexity of live broadcast TV, as they require less manpower, equipment, and infrastructure than traditional methods. For instance, drones can be deployed quickly and easily, without the need for permits, roads, or landing sites. Cable-based systems can be installed and dismantled faster and cheaper than cranes or scaffolding. Both technologies can also save time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple cameras or switching between different locations.

Remote operation and collaboration: Custom built drones and camera systems can enable remote operation and collaboration, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience for the live broadcast TV crew and stakeholders. For example, drones can be controlled remotely by the pilot or the subject-matter expert, using the live video feed as feedback, without having to be physically on-site. Cable-based systems can also be operated remotely, using the position and orientation data of the camera platform. Both technologies can also allow for simultaneous access and sharing of the video feed by multiple remote stakeholders, such as the director, the producer, or the client.

Getting Started? Lets discuss...

- Scope and scale of your project, and the type of live event you want to cover
- Budget and timeline of your project, and the return on investment you expect
- Technical specifications and features of the drones and camera systems you need, and the availability and compatibility of the components and equipment
- Legal and regulatory requirements and restrictions of the location and airspace you want to operate in, and the permissions and licenses you need to obtain
- The training and skills of the operators and crew members, and the safety and security measures you need to implement

The Future of Live Broadcast TV
Custom built drones and camera systems are transforming the way live broadcast TV is done, offering unparalleled benefits and opportunities for the industry and the viewers. By using these technologies, you can create captivating and engaging live content, that can showcase your creativity, professionalism, and innovation.

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