Since 2014, we have been providing production companies with leading aerial and ground specialist filming... it's won us quite a few awards too...


Our Mission

Our aim is to provide the very best in specialist filming services, both on the ground, and in the air using our state of the art drone systems and super high tech camera stabilising equipment ensuring steady smooth shots in virtually any location.

We also pride ourselves on being able to operate internationally with our drone systems, being one of only 2 UK companies to have permissions to fly a drone in Italy. We also have permissions to fly our drones in the UK, France, Monaco, Iceland, Cyprus and Germany and have flown in Portugal, Norway, Thailand, Greece and Bulgaria. We're looking forward to adding more destinations to our list.

The team at Fleye are also highly experienced in accessing remote locations, providing aerial filming for some of the worlds best 'steep' skiers and climbing up to altitudes of 4000m with equipment.

We want to be the best at what we do... do you think we are?

We had a great experience with Fleye. The quick set up time and the fluidity to adapt to the ever changing landscape of filmmaking is definitely one of their biggest strengths.
— Stuart Hall - Senior Producer - The Picture Producion Company
What I liked about working with Fleye was that they brought a world of expert knowledge of filming the subject matter that meant I could feel totally relaxed knowing I was in good hands, and they really delivered on this. The Footage looks great.
— Lucas Manley - Senior Producer - The Edge Picture Company

What We've Achieved

  • The first UK company to gain permissions to fly a drone in Italy
  • Multi-million viewing figures on various films
  • RED-RUN, our viral film produced with Salt Street Productions wins 9 film festival awards including drone specific film festivals
  • Offices in the North and South of the United Kingdom
  • We've broken into Bollywood - we filmed part of a major bollywood movie
  • We've built up an equipment artillery containing some of the best stabilising equipment in the world
  • We've mastered the art of making films in hard locations - water, snow, altitude, sun, we've done it