Below are a couple of questions that we thought you might like answering, but if you have any more questions then feel free to get in touch!

Are you insured and licensed?

Yes. Fleye has £10 million public liability insurance and all of our pilots are fully licensed with the BNUC-S qualification administered by EuroUSC. We have permission for aerial work's granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Can you fly in wind?

Yes, within reason. Our aircraft will operate safely in up to 25mph winds but gaining a stable image is hard if the wind exceeds 20mph regularly.

How Fast can the UAV travel?

Our UAV aircraft can travel at speeds of around 50-60mph depending on conditions.

How do you know you got the shot?

We have a live HD video stream down to the ground so you can see exactly what we are filming.

Can you broadcast live?

Yes, we have a full HD zero latency feed down to the ground. We are also able to offer live stream uploads via our partners at Vinco.

can you fly inside?

Yes. We have different equipment to suit different applications. We would need to discuss the brief to ensure the space is big enough for the UAV to operate safely.

Are your UAV's safe?

We work closely with the CAA in order to achieve the highest standards in safety. We are confident that our operating procedures are amongst the best in the UK and are extremely safe.

Can you fly in the rain?

Not really, although the aircraft can take a small amount of rain, we find the lens gets water on it very quickly; so the flight is a waste of time!

How Long can you fly for?

We can Fleye our UAV’s for around 10-25 minutes depending on camera load before the batteries need to be changed. We do however carry lots batteries and charging systems so we can achieve continuous flight.

How far can you fly?

We are governed by CAA Regulation which states that we are unable to Fleye more than 500 metres away from the operator – this gives us a 1km flying zone. To give greater flexibility, we are able to fly from the back of a moving vehicle.

How high can you fly?

We are legally obliged to fly below 400ft, however, with special permissions this may be incresed should you feel it necessary. We feel 99% of the time this is plenty high enough.

What cameras can you fly with?

We can lift anything from a GoPro to a RED Epic or ARRI Alexa Mini. We have many cameras in house, check out our equipment page for more info.


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