Another trip to The Macallan - Epic style

Last week brought us back up to Scotland for the 800 mile round trip to the beautiful Macallan factory on the Spey River. The perfect location to crack out the big boys toys and get the PHIX RED Epic Dragon up in the sky on the Freefly Systems Movi M10.

Normally, we'd like to get hold of a camera like this the night before to allow us to set up but this wasn't an option so we had to set up in the morning of the shoot. It did cause me a little concern at first but actually, setting up the heavier cameras on the Movi is a lot easier than the smaller ones. The weight definitely helps and makes tuning a lot easier which results in rock solid footage.

With the 16-35mm lens our Freefly Systems ALTA weighed in at 13.01kg, 600 grams underweight which gave us a bit of room for lens changes. We powered the RED with a 4 cell 6250mah battery and a specially adapted cable which is always a great and reliable source.

With 11 minute flight times and towards the end of the day, nearly perfect flight conditions, we were wrapped and we even managed to get 500 meters out of our Connex mini which was a fantastic result although if you're regularly out at those distances, I'd definitely invest in getting the full size unit.

The journey to our next shoot wasn't quite so fun with a blow-out and a damaged alloy but that's another story!