Special permissions obtained by the CAA, our OSC.

Today was an exciting day at Fleye as it sees the introduction of our new operational safety case permissions or OSC issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Each permission is unique to the operator and we’re delighted to have 4 pilots on our permission. Under our OSC we’re able to fly our DJI Inspire 2 and Freefly Alta 8 drones at as little as 20 meters from people, vehicles, vessels or structures and just 10 meters for take off and landing meaning we can operate in more places and tighter environments than previously possible.

This special permission highlights Fleye’s commitment to an impeccable safety record and helps us gain even more compelling content for our clients.

For any questions relating to this special permission, please drop us an email to will.glover@fleye.co.uk

We want to thank the CAA for working with us on this permission.