Have you got permission??

I’m fresh back from a trip to Dortmund in Germany, I have to say, not the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, especially when there’s no opportunity to leave the airport but I came back with more than I left with; a German drone operating license and a tummy full of pretzels!

The rules in Germany changed recently, it used to be the case that with a UK license, you could apply to fly your drone in Germany for commercial purposes on a temporary permit but this is no longer the case. We’ve got a couple of shoots in the diary and ever wanting to increase our license portfolio, we thought let’s head out there and get tested.

This means we’re now able to fly drones up to 25kg’s in weight for commercial purposes in Germany.

Did you also know that we’ve got permanant permissions in France, Spain, Norway, Italy and of course the UK and have flown in over 30 other countries worldwide?

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