Ford Fiesta ST shoot - Italy

Well... writing this after my 5th time out to Italy this year makes me wonder whether it might be best to move our office out to Italy and start learning the language a bit better... much better in fact!

Shooting with Steve Sutcliffe creating one of my favourite series of video's, Europoe's Greatest Driving Roads always seems to be some of the most fun you could wish to have on a shoot. It's the perfect combination of fast cars, beautiful locations, great company and great toys!

This trip proved to be no different. Heading an hour outside of Rome straight off the back of our Roborace Formula E shoot (video to come shortly) we came to the via Campocatino, an 18km winding mountain road leading up to a ski resort which is virtually abandoned in the summer months and the perfect stomping ground for our latest toy, the all new Ford Fiesta ST.

For this shoot, the DJI Inspire 2 had to be the drone of choice, it's super fast, super nible, easy and quick to set up and doesn't need to be fully packed up to move half a mile down the road to the next shoot location. I think for all of these shoots moving forward, it's the perfect tool.
We also had the opportunity to mount a RED Epic onto our Movi Pro and Black Arm for some of the tracking shots. Tracking is something we're really starting to move into and we're super excited to see the results looking so good from this shoot. We'll update you further with some more content from this but there's a lot more to come!

For now though, have a look at the video below and do comment to give your feedback.

Until Friday Italy!