We're starting to see The Macallan - at long last!

It's always exciting to see work come out that we've been a part of but when you've been working on the project for over 2 years, it's even more exciting!

On the 2nd June 2018, The Macallan will open the doors to it's brand new home. The new distillery is a huge £140 million pound development made out of more than 380,000 pieces and has one of the most complex roof structures in Europe.

PHIX London was the perfect production to make this beautiful project stand out.

Our first visit up the the Macallan was way back in November 2015 - back then there really wasn't a lot to look at! A concrete shell sat in the landscape mostly covered in snow from the bitterly cold Scottish winter. I think to date, it's still some of the coldest and worst weather I've ever flown in.

the macallan drone footage
drone filming scotland
drone filming scotland

This was so long ago, we were still filming with the S900 and Panasonic GH4, after seeing some of the content next to the RED Epic 6K footage it looks fantastic! With the right light this camera was pumping out some amazing shots. The HDMI converter in those old gimbals definitely didn't like the cold though... some will remember!

A few more visits took us through the winter of 2015/16. The mash ton went in and the walls went up.

Then we got the Freefly Alta opening up the door to RED Epic filming and starting our heavy lift capabilities. The first couple of trips with the Alta housed the GH4 camera still and we weaved the drone through the roof structure which looked stunning as it was being built.

drone filming scotland
drone team in scotland
drone filming team in scotland

Then something cool happened! We flew our first RED Epic 6K! And this was definitely the project to do it on, flying over the roof structure and watching the sun pop as we passed through the undulating mounds on the roof looked seriously cool.

We headed down to the barley fields and got some epic shots with a 14mm lens with the barley rushing past the camera and rising up to reveal the combine harvester working away in the field. The Spey River providing the perfect backdrop for these shots.

red epci drone filming scotland

We really started to get the hang of the RED Epic flying... visiting the Highlands quite a few more times and every time, flying much bigger and better lenses, figuring out how to fly the camera for longer, smoother. The results were getting seriously stunning.

We now pretty much exclusively fly the RED on our heavy lift drones, it provides us with such stunning images and for us, the camera body so perfectly integrates with our Freefly gimbal systems we use to stabilize them.

Here's a few more BTS shots for you to have a look at before you get to the finale.. one of the key pieces of content to come out of the trips which is below.

I hope you enjoy!