Lucas Di Grassi becomes new CEO of Roborace!

Exciting times lie ahead for the Roborace team as Formula E world chamption Lucas Di Grassi becomes the new CEO of the company.

His involvement in Roborace will help to shape the technology and the idea behind Roborace to help form driverless series in the future and help push technology to it's limits.

Having been involved with the team for so long, it's exciting to see these changes coming and we're looking forward to working with the team as they develop this year and next with Di Grassi at the helm.

Take a look at the launch video below shot over 3 days with the amazing Averner crew directed by Alex Verner.

Kit used:
DJI Inspire 2 - ProRes - 45mm Olympus
Freefly Tero
Movi Pro
RED Helium 8k
Cooke S4 primes
Preston follow focus