FORD- Europes Greatest Driving Roads, Norway

One of the best shoots I've ever been on... that's how I left Norway and how I felt I'd leave as soon as the plane landed on the way out. 

We were delighted to be asked by Steve Sutcliffe to work with Ford once again and the new Ford GT on the series 'Europes Greatest Driving Roads'. This time, it was to be the Atlantic Road in Norway. I knew looking at pictures before going out that it was going to be stunning but didn't quite realise just how stunning till we arrived. 

The best way to experience this is really, just to watch the film. Get it full screen, turn the sound up and take a look below to see some BTS pictures from the shoot...

What a car! Take a look at some of the BTS below

ford gt drone filming
drone filming norway
drone filming norway
norway drone filming
Will flying the Inpsire 2 Norway
drone filming in norway