E.on use our drones!

A very very early start was made well worth it on our most recent trip to Cambridge for a shoot for E.on with M&C Saatchi. We can't say at this stage what the filming was for but what I can say, is that it was the earliest call time we've ever had. 3:30! Yay!! But it was well worth it, the sunrise was spectacular!

This time, we rigged up our Freefly Alta and the Movi M5 with the Panasonic GH4 which hadn't been used for a while with the Inspire being so handy. We fitted a really nice Sigma 18-35 with a metabones speed booster which took the lens down to f1.1! Amazing, not that we were able to use it at 1.1!

We also had a brilliant set up with the full size Connex by Amimon, 3 ground units to pilot, cam op and directors monitor provided a crystal clear HD image right out to 500 meters which was perfect as we were really pushing the limits of distance and height with the wind farm being so big.

Wrapped by half ten and it was back to the office and off on holiday!

We'll be back filming with a RED Weapon on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled!