Gimbal work at Donnington Park with DevBot

It's not often we do a full 2 day shoot purely using a gimbal, it's not kind on the arms it's fair to say.

We were at Donnington Park with the Formula-e cars who were testing but also, we were filming the Roborace car named DevBot. I wrote about DevBot in a post last week after a short film was released showcasing the DevBot and what we'd filmed. It shot around Silverstone till the told it to stop but this week it wasn't quite so happy.

Unfortunately the team struggled to get the car doing a full autonomous drive around the track without a driver, but it did get close before coming to a dramatic conclusion about 3mm off the safety barrier. Thankfully, the eagle eyed marshal stopped the driverless car just before the barrier and into the gravel trap. It was certainly an exciting end to the 2 days shooting.

Reflecting afterwards the team were a little disappointed but said they've stubbed their toe. A lot of the big teams have fallen flat on their face way before this point so they are doing well. 

We can't wait to keep up with their progress over the next year where hopefully we'll be seeing the car drive, with no driver, faultlessly around the track... we'll see!