What a trip... Obonjan Island at it's best.

We're getting used to flying abroad now... this one was a little hard to turn down.

Our great friends and clients PHIX London approached us and asked if we could head out to the very exclusive, recently opened Obonjan Island in Croatia. It took about 5 seconds to decide... we were off with the DJI Inspire PRO which has recently become our trusty friend!

Arriving on the Island and we're shown to our very cool tent, fitted with air-con and power... glamping at it's best, a beautiful place and stunning beach.

Saturday came and we were up early ready to get a full day shooting packed in on the island. The PHIX guys were shooting some modelling stuff while we headed on around the tiny island covering it from all bases leading us around to sunset... wow. Arriving in the boat in the dark the night before, we didn't get to see quite how stunning it was but couple the stunning sunset with the drone flying high above the island we got the results (above), it's fair to say the video is going to look pretty immense.

Check out some of our favourite pics from the trip in the album below and thanks a lot to PHIX London and Obonjon Island for all their hospitality.