Lot's of fun on the water with Land Rover BAR for WING London

It's not often you get to shoot your childhood hero's. For me, growing up in the British Sailing team, one of those hero's was Ben Ainslie and on Saturday WING London gave us the opportunity to film Ben sailing his Americas Cup boat around the Solent for a project for Land Rover, one of the teams main sponsors. It was amazing. 

Photo Credit: Land Rover BAR

Unfortunately, due to the top secret nature of the filming and the boat, I can't share any actual pictures of the boat it's self but I've tried to include a couple I can show!

The day started with a rather casual 11:30 call time, the winds had to be just right for the boat and the testing. It all played in our favour too; too much wind and we wouldn't be able to keep up with the boat, too little, and the shots wouldn't look as good but then rolled in a beautiful 16 knot steady breeze, just right.

After a morning briefing with the team and an incredibly healthy lunch of rice, chicken and kale (typical athletes!) we were off to get kitted up in some of the coolest kit we definitely wanted to keep!

Everything at Land Rover BAR was very regimented, it seemed they planned their day in 15 minute slots and everything happened on time. It was amazing to see the day come together and how the tasks they went about took exactly the amount of time they had allotted. The boat went in the water at 13:45 and shortly (probably 15 minutes) after that we all set off. 

After a quick test flight to get the rib driver used to our style and also to figure out how fast the drone could go in the wind, we saw the BAR boat heading out of the harbour entrance and it was game on. Up onto the foils heading straight for us at nearly 23 knots.

After 3 successful flights, we called in the chopper. Yes, a real helicopter... just one of those days. It got to work flying even lower than us at time. I've not seen their shots yet but I heard they were incredible.

A short time later and the training session for Land Rover BAR ended and we headed back to shore with a massive grin on our faces although we were pretty sad to leave the kit behind it has to be said!

That's pretty much it from me on this one. Thanks a lot to Gee Milner for being a sturdy cam op on a savage boat at 50mm and Anton from WING London. Great shoot and great time.

We're back out in Croatia next weekend so keep a look out for our next post early next week.