Roborace round 3 in France

The Devbot... what can we say about the Devbot...

The first time we filmed this beast was at Silverstone Race track, it was such a good day and the car performed faultlessly... you can read about it in our blog post here. Since then, we've filmed the Devbot for a 2 day shoot at the Formula E qualifier at Donnington Park and now it takes us to the Michelin test track in Cebzat, France.

To start off, we got French permissions turned around in just 3 days which was pretty cool and we decided to use the DJI Inspire for it's quick set up time, low data rate (for quick post production) and small size which is much more convenient to pack into the van with the rest of the gear. 

We were also doing some gimbal operating on this shoot but a little different to before... The boys at Averner Films got their hands on this amazing tracking car for super low, super fast, super slow motion tracking shots... it was awesome. 

Given we had quite a bit of time on our hands and pretty much the whole of the Michelin test track to play around on, we gave this beauty a good test, maximum stable speeds was around 30mph but it get's tricky to control much beyond that, the slowest speeds achievable depend on terrain but about 2mph is where we got it to, perfect for following people walking etc.
Where we found the car really stood out for us was doing small bursts in slow motion, the shots looked insane but it didn't particularly handle rough terrain very well... it wasn't bad but tarmac is where it's most at home.

We also managed to try the tracking car with a Canon 1DX on it which worked out well although the spring system definitely get's better with the heavier payloads.

It was just a short 4 days over to France, we'll share the video on our Projects page but keep a look out for our next post about the exciting trip Gee took over to Portugal with Club GT events and some very, very nice super cars... coming soon.