Supercar heaven with Club GT Events

Words by Gee Milner

"I arrived in Faro airport on the Saturday evening to be welcomed by more rain than what I left behind in the UK, definitely not the best conditions for a week long supercar shoot. The taxi driver couldn’t speak much English but he seemed very fluent when describing the weather, I guess he’s used to engaging with the British about how much it rains back in the UK. He assured me that the next few days were going to be amazing weather, I could only hope he was right!

This week’s shoot was a bit of a different one, the brief was to document a supercar holiday organised by Kev, our client Club GT events based out of a stunning Villa on the Algarve. Mobility was the name of the game for the shoot as I needed to be incredibly flexible, space was limited as I was basing myself out of a Porsche 911’s front boot, the FS7 had to stay at home for this one…

Upon arriving at the villa myself and Kev started to unpack the van and then the truck arrived with a rather expensive cargo consisting of two porsche 911’s, jaguar XF, Mclaren 570 and a very special Lamborghini Aventador SV. It was going to be a very good week!

The Sony A7Sii, Phantom 4 and DJI Osmo with the X5 adapter were to be the main workhorses of the week, I hadn’t previously spent much time using an Osmo but I was really impressed with how easy it is to get stable footage using the car suction mounting kit whilst controlling the camera from inside the car on the iPad, although the wifi link between the Osmo and car proved to be frustrating at times with the feed dropping out onscreen just as you were doing a reveal, the best technique proved to be setting the camera up in one position and then leaving it rather than trying to control it.

The phantom 4 proved to be the perfect drone for this shoot with both it’s small size and very quick setup time, obviously the footage will never be as good as a RED and it’s always annoying not having a separate camera operator but it really does continue to amaze me what that thing is capable of! My main issue with the phantom is the terrible noise control, anything ISO 200 and above looks notably poor and borderline unusable.

The first day was spent filming at the Autodromo Algarve race track where the guests first raced go karts in the morning and then in the afternoon they took the cars out onto the FIA approved circuit, unfortunately a huge rain storm put a stop to filming and most of the driving until Sunset. Luckily for us the rain came to a stop, leaving us with some amazing light!

The second day featured some incredible roads and scenery and using the Osmo with the car suction mounts I managed to capture some really cool perspectives which simply would not have been possible with a standard gimbal at those speeds and in that car. Whilst the guests were priority it was important to make each shot not only incredibly quick but as there was no chance of a retake, it had to be right first time! This made for some very speedy phantom 4 setup times.

It was amazing being up close and personal with these incredible cars, the raw sounds these cars make is just out of this world. There was a very large reality check sat in traffic on the M56 in my Volvo after landing back at Manchester. The whole event ran like clockwork and Kev from Club GT events really does deserve an incredible amount of credit for how well organised these events are, we look forward to the next one that’s for sure!

That's all for now,