Massive music video... massive success!

What a weekend....

It's not often we get asked to shoot something in our home town of Sheffield and especially so when it's a heavy lift shoot flying the RED Epic Dragon 6k with follow focus on our Freefly Alta drone and Movi M10 Gimbal. 

Let's just set the scene. 

On the recce back in October, there was a light dusting of snow on the hills. I remember the director, Lorenzo Cisi saying "wouldn't it be amazing if we had a' the snow on a' the hill and the tree tops" (my attempt at writing an Italian accent) and well... 1 month later and on the evening before the shoot, what do we get... snow... literally perfect. 

Our focus puller Guy Jenkins checks out the location with the beautiful sunrise and snow on the heather


First shot location - the forest. 

Without going into too much detail (as I cant reveal the story line) we were in a forest, and this was our set up, cruising over the tree tops and out into the open...

The ALTA is amazing for these kind of shoots. Having a pretty heavy lift capability to fly a RED with follow focus and still have some room in the tank is brilliant. We will fly this set up for easily 10 minutes with cold batteries which really is amazingly efficient and allows us to do multiple takes without the need to land the aircraft which ultimately saves a lot of time on set. 

After nailing the first shots it was up onto the moor lands and the Ox Stones was our proving ground! 

Here was where we spent the rest of our day. The beautiful Ox Stones on Sheffield Burbage. In total, we shot 1.7tb of data and got some amazing moments that will really look good in the music video. 

The location was also great for us. Because we travel reasonably light, we had all the kit we needed to film with a RED all day, only the DIT had to go back to drop off cards. Just a 3 man crew took everything we needed up onto the rocks. 

The majority of the time up here was spent not in the air but with the gimbal set up on the ground. We can quickly switch within 10 minutes to a ground filming set up from the drone to allow us to change set ups as the director realise their vision. 

After some final tracking shots, we packed up ready to head home for the next day


What a different setting!

It was late in the day that the location was confirmed so I hadn't had chance to visit the site. The director was looking for an 'industrial' setting in stark contrast to the beautiful moorland we were filming on the day before. After taking a wrong tern heading back to London on the first recce day, they found this... it was perfect!

After a short delay of losing the car keys (nothing to do with us) and an incredibly early start... we finally got shooting after a short kip in the car! The rest of the crew turned up.

So day 2 was very different, Movi gimbal filming was the main task for the day with a moody sky in the background. It was exactly what we wanted for the look we were going for. 

Because of this, out set up was mainly focussed around the Movi work, we had a focus puller set up on a separate station and the legs completely removed from the Movi gimbal. Using the Movi gimbal in dual operator mode makes super super smooth results and even allows the director to pick up the gimbal to realise his vision. 

Sometimes an early start is worth it... not this time (sob sob)

Smoke bombs add an awesome effect to to the shots with director, Lorenzo taking the handles

Will and Guy discuss the shot..

..before heavy focus!

After a big day on the gimbal and loads of footage shot, it was finally time to set up the drone for a couple of closing hero shots around the site with the actors and key features of the video.. again can't reveal too much!

That's pretty much it from me for this one... A Massive thanks to our team:

Rob Antill - cam op
Guy Jenkins - focus puller
Will Glover - drone pilot
Minsak Nanang - runner
Max Roberts - runner
and all the guys from Park Royal Studios for making the shoot happen.

We have lots of exciting shoots coming up next week including shooting a documentary trailer, a Supercar Tour in Portugal, a 5 day trip over to France with the Roborace crew and a commercial shoot for Barclays Bank on the south coast so stay tuned as we'll be doing a write up for all... hopefully!