Heavy lifting for days... Scotland round 2!

With some amazing shots in the bag from our first trip up (see last blog post), we still needed more! Our second trip up to Scotland was short but sweet with some great results.

Flying the Leica Summicron-C 18mm always provides lovely results and this time we found a super light weight solution to a matte box, good old gaffa tape! Works very well any allows us to securely mount an ND to the front of the lens.

Keeping below f8 on the RED Epic is important as they give quite a bad reflection off the sensor when shooting into the sun on higher f-stop. This solution solves the problem and is one we'll definitely use again in the future.

Phil Sansom from PHIX London trusts his suction mounts placing one of the RED Epic's on the roof of the van! (it stuck, don't worry)

That's about it for this post being unable to share pictures of the actual shoot! Just the gear!
Look our for a few updates this week on how our test with Phase One went and also, keep an eye out for our post on the latest project, a music video for TODDLA T shot on the RED Epic with some insane BTS pictures.

See you soon!