Heavy lifting for a short film in Scotland with PHIX London

Our regular work up in Scotland just keeps coming it would seem which definitely isn't doing any good to the mileage on our car with an 8/900 mile round trip each time... don't get me wrong though, it's well worth it. 

Our friends from PHIX London asked us if they wanted us to get involved in their passion project, a short film called 'A Last Request'. learning about the kit and location we just couldn't say no really!

I'll add some more photo's to this blog post as soon as we get them but a couple of phone snaps should do for now.

The camera was to be the RED Epic Dragon with the 6K sensor and the lens choice was a beautiful set of Leica Summicron-C T2.0, at around £20k a piece... cushty! 


We were getting up to our weight limit but using the Movi M10 over the M15 saved us 600 hundred grams and using the smaller Movi batteries to power the Connex and the Movi worked a treat. The lenses were 1.5kg's each though so it's no surprise!

Throughout the week, we filmed at some stunning locations and got some amazing shots in the bag. I just can't wait to see the final film and share it with everyone... I think it's going to be pretty special.

I'll chuck a couple of BTS photo's below to take a look through and add to it as I get more!

Congratulations to all involved and big thanks to Rupert and Phil from PHIX London for making it all happen!