We believe we’ve got more current permissions than any other operator worldwide with our pilots having taken examinations in a number of european countries.

to date, as a company we’ve flown in over 30 countries worldwide.

Here in the UK, all legal operators need to have a permission for commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority in order to conduct aerial filming work for commercial gain.
We’re proud to have held our permission for commercial operation since 2014. When hiring an operator, you should always ask to see the documentation to make sure it’s legal!

UK Permissions for Commercial Operations (PFCO)

We’re delighted to be one of the few companies in the UK to have a unique permission issued by the UK CAA allowing us to operate our Alta 8 drone and Inspire 2 drones as close as 20 meters in flight from people, vehicles, vessels and structures and 10 meters for take off and landing. This means we can operate in more locations than most other operators in the UK.

UK Operational safety case reduced distance permission (OSC)

We are very proud to be the first and one of only 2 companies in the UK to have permissions to operate our drones in Italy and we can do this with just a couple of days notice. Please remember, it took us a lot of work to get these permissions and it does take time so if another operator says they can do it, be careful they are using legitimate channels.

ENAC - Permissions to fly drones in ITALY

We are delighted to have a very good relationship with the French Aviation Authority (DGAC) meaning we are able to fly our drones in France with just a couple of days notice. Perfect for any shoot taking us to the Alps or beyond. Get in touch to find out about previous experience of filming in France.

DGAC - Permissions to fly drones in FRANCE

Having taken exams in Germany, we can fly drones up to25kg without the need to inform anyone if in restricted areas and can operate in restricted areas with just a couple of weeks notice.

Permissions to fly drones in

Permissions to fly drones in

We’ve also taken examinations in Spain meaning we can fly drones up to 25kg in the country. There are very few UK operators with this unique permission so pease do get in touch to find out how we can help on your project in Spain.

Permissions to fly in THE PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO

The Principality of Monaco does have it’s own aviation authority outside that of DGAC (France). Given our past experience flying our drones in Monaco we are granted full permissions to fly there. Depending on which aircraft you wish to use, we may have to fit a parachute to fly over the land but we find that flying from the sea gives us the best views.

Permissions to fly in CROATIA

 We have a good relationship with the Croatian authorities allowing us to fly our DJI Inspire Pro aircraft with no additional permissions. We may have to fit a parachute if flying close to towns or cities.

Permissions to fly in CYPRUS

A good relationship with the aviation authority in Cyprus allows us to fly any of our aircraft there at very short notice. With our larger aircraft we do need to ship batteries out which can take some weeks so please bear this in mind when making a booking.

No Permission = No Insurance

Whether you hire us or choose to go with another company, it's really important to check they have the relevant permissions. You should be able to ask to see their aviation authority permission and their insurance evidence, if they don't have it or can't give you it - STAY AWAY! You'll likely have to cough up if something goes wrong.