Our true experience and expertise lies in aerial helicam filming. We’re one of the most established and best performing teams in the industry, consistently working on high end productions for extremely credible clients including Ford Motorcars, Facebook, Isuzu, Bentley Motor Cars, Santa Cruz Bikes, Red Bull, Barclays Bank, ITV and many more.

We’re trusted by many top DP’s who admire our unique ability to ‘get the shot’ first time, saving on wasted time in often time constrained productions.

We are also very well equipped for filming in all kinds of environments. We’re able to pack up very small and travel light if needs be, we truly can mould to suit your style of shooting to ensure the best possible results for you and your crew. 

We pride our selves of being the first and only UK company to have permissions to film with a drone anywhere in Italy. Our international experience has also led to us having good relationships with the French Aviation Authority as well as the Monaco Aviation Authority, Cypriut Aviation Authority, Croatian Aviation Authority and German Aviation Authority. We are able to gain permissions to fly in these countries with just a couple of weeks notice. Please check out our national / international permissions page for more information on this.

Our industry leading equipment has been specifically designed and purchased to suit a wide variety of filming needs... We're able to carry payloads up to the legal limit of 20kg on our super heavy lift Kopterworx Hammer X8 with M15 gimbal, we can fly for 25 minutes using our ALTA 6 and A7Sii set up and hike up mountains with our DJI Inspire Pro/RAW drones making us truly adaptable to and filming environment you can throw at us. Our tools are there to be used and we use them well!