Safe Soaring: Renewed CAA OSC Permissions Open New Frontiers for Aerial Filming with Alta 8, Inspire 2, and Inspire 3

CAA OSC Permissions

Will Glover
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In a significant milestone for our commitment to operational safety and excellence, we are thrilled to announce the renewal of our CAA OSC (Operational Safety Case) permissions for another year. This renewal not only reaffirms our dedication to adhering to the highest safety standards but also unlocks exciting possibilities for aerial filming that set us apart from other companies in the industry.

A Trio of Precision: Alta 8, Inspire 2, and Inspire 3

Our renewed permissions extend to the operation of three cutting-edge drone models: the Alta 8, the Inspire 2, and the highly anticipated Inspire 3. These platforms, renowned for their advanced capabilities and reliability, allow us to capture stunning visuals with precision and finesse.

Minimal Separation, Maximum Impact: Unveiling 10m Separation

What makes this renewal truly ground-breaking is our approval for a remarkable 10m separation when operating these drones. This reduced separation distance means we can get closer to people, structures, and dynamic environments while ensuring the highest levels of safety and compliance with aviation regulations.

Alta X: Expanding Horizons with 20m Separation

Adding to our arsenal of aerial capabilities is the Alta X, a drone designed for heavy lifting and exceptional stability. With a 20m separation allowance, we can operate this powerful platform with even greater flexibility, opening up new possibilities for capturing awe-inspiring shots in diverse settings.

Closer than Ever: Redefining Aerial Filming Standards

This renewed CAA OSC with reduced separation distances solidifies our position as pioneers in safe and innovative aerial filming. Operating at 10m and 20m separations enables us to work in closer proximity to people, offering our clients and collaborators a unique advantage that few other companies can match.

Beyond Compliance: Elevating the Aerial Filming Experience

Our commitment to safety goes beyond regulatory compliance; it's about pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aerial filming. The Alta 8, Inspire 2, Inspire 3, and Alta X, operated at these minimal separations, redefine industry standards and provide unparalleled opportunities for capturing cinematic moments with a level of intimacy and detail that was once unimaginable.

As we embark on another year with our renewed CAA OSC permissions, we look forward to showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of our drone fleet. From breath-taking aerial vistas to dynamic close-ups, our commitment to safety allows us to deliver an aerial filming experience that is not only exceptional but sets a new benchmark in the industry. Safe soaring, closer than ever – that's the promise of our renewed CAA OSC permissions with the Alta 8, Inspire 2, Inspire 3, and Alta X.


Will Glover
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