At the end of last year we had the absolute pleasure of working on a series of short recruitment films for the Royal Marines. Working alongside DOP Adam Barnett and Director Jack Retallack we knew this shoot was going to be a memorable one.

Our role was to shoot the aerials whilst the new recruits underwent some of the toughest mental and physical challenges imaginable.  Over the course of the next few days we attempted to capture the rawness of what it was like to be a Royal Marine recruit.

We were super impressed with our Inspire 2 and X5s combo on this shoot, being able to set up and fly within minutes was essential and time and time again the Inspire 2 proved it was the right choice. Looking at the footage I think you'll agree it works really nicely with the stunning Amira footage shot by Adam and his team.

It's awesome to see these films being released, make sure you keep an eye on the Give Me Sport facebook page from the next film. All in all this is one shoot we will remember for a long time!

Roborace: Human vs Machine - Nicki Shields takes on the DevBot in HK!

At the end of last year we travelled to Hong Kong to shoot an exciting new concept piece for Roborace. Hong Kong is one of those places you need to see to believe, it's skyscraper after skyscraper as far as you can see! Awesome! The shoot saw Formula E & Motorsport presenter Nicki Shields race the DevBot on the tight street circuit in Hong Kong. It was brilliant to work with Nicki and see how dedicated she is to supporting new technologies. Find out what happened in the film below.


Tamara's World Switzerland in a Day

Back in September we had the absolute pleasure of being asked to go to Switzerland for the day to shoot aerials for ITVBe's production of Tamara's World. When we arrived we were absolutely stunned with the beauty of this country. We spent the day between Gstaad and Glacier 3000 shooting various GV's of the area and town, it's a must visit!



We've been working on our new reel for 2 years with constant new projects coming up we just HAD to include and so here it is... we're super excited to show you our new 2017 show reel!

Thanks to all those who have made this last few years so so great for us. Hundreds of projects have been shot and here's just a small selection of some of our favourite moments. 

We hope you enjoy the reel as much as we enjoyed working on the projects involved to make it look so great. 

If you have any questions at all, please do call our office on 0114 2994333 or drop us an email to


FORD- Europes Greatest Driving Roads, Norway

One of the best shoots I've ever been on... that's how I left Norway and how I felt I'd leave as soon as the plane landed on the way out. 

We were delighted to be asked by Steve Sutcliffe to work with Ford once again and the new Ford GT on the series 'Europes Greatest Driving Roads'. This time, it was to be the Atlantic Road in Norway. I knew looking at pictures before going out that it was going to be stunning but didn't quite realise just how stunning till we arrived. 

The best way to experience this is really, just to watch the film. Get it full screen, turn the sound up and take a look below to see some BTS pictures from the shoot...

What a car! Take a look at some of the BTS below

ford gt drone filming
drone filming norway
drone filming norway
norway drone filming
Will flying the Inpsire 2 Norway
drone filming in norway