We've been EXTREMELY busy - MONSTER BLOG POST! Grab a cuppa!

Hello and welcome back to the Fleye blog...

Firstly, let me start off by saying how sorry we are for not posting on our blog for so long! But worry not, in this BUMPER post I'll give you the run down of everything we have been up to since March (our last post) and include as much info and juicy pictures as possible to give you the complete low down on just what we've been up to. 

End of MARCH

Stop 1... ITALY and to the Bridgestone development track in Rome to film something super top secret. Unfortunately no pictures allowed... sad times. 

The 3 day shoot went very well, happy clients and happy team and our first proper experience with the almighty DJI Inspire 2, more to come later in this post about the I2 because we've just got our hands on the full set up. 


Another very busy month for us with lots and lots of telecoms work. We've been pleased to launch our new telecoms arm to the business which you can check out by heading over to www.fleyeindustrial.co.uk  Our brand new rooftop solutions combined with roadside and rural telecoms survey techniques are gaining us a lot of momentum in the sector. 

It didn't stop with just the survey work though... 

We spent the month shooting plenty of content for the FA with the Inspire Pro. This was for an internal filming for the FA shooting with Chrome productions at the HQ, St Georges Park. We were shooting there on a number of occasions and captured both the women and mens England squads.

drone filming

Battling Vikings in York for Calvados with the Inspire 2!

This was a shoot for Calvados with our friend from Sarner International. The aim was to provide VFX plate shots for the team to replicate the viking boat travelling down the river with an army of other boats... pretty cool and another great experience with the Inspire 2.

drone filming in York
drone filming York


It's starting to get VERY VERY BUSY!! 

Kicking off the month talking at an IOSH safety conference held in the amazing Twickenham Stadium. Talking alongside the legendary Angus Benson-Blair from Flying Pictures was an absolute privilege and a great day for all of the delegates. 

drone safety
fleye industrial services rooftop solution

Off the back of the safety conference more telecoms work. Showcasing our rooftop survey solution to Vodafone and EE with amazing results. 

To find out more about our new telecom survey and inspection please head over to www.fleyeindustrial.co.uk to see what we can of for you.

Moving swiftly on and straight back into creative with ANOTHER big music video for Toddla T this time just Movi gimbal work shot at the infamous Ministry of Sound in London. 

We can't wait to see the results of this shoot, the rushes looked incredible. Shot on the brand new Movi Pro gimbal with the RED Epic Dragon camera - we'll share the video as soon as it's aired. 

movi filming uk

ON THE SAME WEEKEND as Toddla T, we're at Bedford autodrome and Millbrook Proving ground working with a MONSTER set up for ROBORACE. 
Finally having the chance to mount a cinema ZOOM lens on the RED Epic Carbon Dragon with RT motion remote lens control all within our Movi M15 hanging delightfully below our trusty Kopterworx Hammer X8 super heavy lift drone. 

Check this set up out...

Heavy lift drone filming UK
Freefly TERO filming UK

And here's some of the beautiful results we managed to get out of these beauties...

Straight from working with the Roborace team, we headed down to Kent with New York fashion photographer, Emma Tempest shooting in store and online content for Whistles.
We love working on fashion shoots, the fluidity of the movement and the clothing, the results always look stunning. Not to mention the location and crew house... 
Shooting on the RED Epic Carbon Dragon 6k with a Movi M15 and Canon Cine Primes topping the set up off with the RT motion remote lens control system.

heavy lift drone filming
gimbal filming UK

Straight from Kent it made a lot of sense to stay down for just one day before we travelled to Paris for the next round of the Formula E to follow the Roborace team on their debut showing of the ultimate car. What an event! 

tero filming paris
drone filming uk

I think this is probably the closest I'll ever get to driving off the pit lane and onto the circuit of an international Formula racing track. Pretty cool to be doing it with the Tero and a lovely Canon 1DX on board too! 

We filmed in Paris for the 2 day event which was a great success and probably the best public display the ROBORACE team have ever done. 

Straight off the back of Paris, and we had a couple of nice little shoots.

2 days in fields in Hull for Syngenta filming farmers and tractors gave some awesome results with our trusty DJI Inspire 1.

Straight after that and it was down to Snetterton Race Track with the Amazon Prime Series, Grand Prix Driver with the DJI Inspire 2 - what a piece of kit this little drone is proving to be. Flight times of 20+ minutes with 5.2K RAW footage!! Our clients are loving this new capability. 

A couple of rest days in the office and we were packing up our Freefly Alta for an INSANE trip to Venice with Oxford Film and TV. It was amazing to be working again with renowned DOP Tim Cragg on a feature film for Damian Hirst and his beautiful sculptures in 2 museums in Venice. 

Shooting with the Freefly Alta, Movi M10, RED Epic Dragon Carbon 6K, Zeiss Prime Lenses, Connex HD downlink and RT motion follow focus system. We're loving this set up at the moment. 

Check out some of the pictures below!


Another 2 day break saw us heading back down to London and the beautiful Richmond Park to film for Adidas at a 10k run. Amazing weather with 10 thousand runners competing. 
Large cordons required in such a busy place... Check out a screen grab from our Shogun capturing the runners.

London drone filming

Straight from London and onto more LONDON! This time, a beauty shoot for David Morris Jewellery with the RED Helium 8k and RT motion follow focus.

Beautiful diamonds and even more beautiful models! 

Movi Filming London

2 office days to pack up to head to Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 for another awesome ROBORACE shoot at the next Formula E event. We love covering these events, such an atmosphere at the Formula E and the cars are awesome. 
Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to fly the drone at this event as the organisation had a cable cam rig following the action... mounted with a cineflex the shot's looked incredible. We can't wait to see them in the next Roborace edit which will be coming in the next few days. 

Finally, on Tuesday we shot a cool project for Jaguar and their Project 8 Car at a hillclimb in a top secret location in South Wales with the Inspire 1. Check out the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61GIxhfUCmY

jaguar project 8 filming

That's got us up to date... at last! 

It's an exciting week for us next week with a few shoots. 1 Week Long shoot in Sicily for a Honda Marine commercial with our brand new Inspire 2 drone. Another week and a half long shoot in Halkidiki, Greece for our good friends at TUI with the Inspire 1 and lastly, a 5 day shoot in Paris for Adidas Y3 with the Movi Pro and RED Epic Dragon 6K. 

If we can, we'll write some job reviews and try to not leave it so long next time! 

Hope you've enjoyed reading and until next time...



When in Spain shooting for Guerlain...

We're just back from Spain after an amazing time shooting an unnamed supermodel (she does have a name... I'm just not allowed to tell you what it is)... Working with Lorenzo Cisi, the director of the Toddla T Black Jack Music video which is soon to be released on a RED Epic Dragon 6k and the Movi M15. We also took out the Inspire for some brilliant aerials of a crazy looking location...

Lorenzo in 'beast mode' holding the RED Epic 6K camera above his head getting the shots...

For this shoot we used a 3 man operation, we had Lorenzo the 'hands on' Director operating the gimbal, Guy Jenkins on the focus pulling and myself (Will Glover) remotely operating the gimbal. We've always found this is the most smooth way of operating a heavy set up and massively reduced the fatigue level of the operator, especially because they don't have to worry about making the gimbal look upwards towards a subject.

As always, the drone was operated as a 2 man set up with Stef Williams at the help with her Spanish permissions and Lorenzo took the controls of the camera for this flight.

For this shoot, we used the DJI Inspire 1 with the X5 camera and Olympus 12mm and 25mm lenses - a great combo and easily transportable on a plane with batteries.


Here's a couple more images from the shoot in Spain that you may want to have a look at. We can't wait for the video to be released and to reveal who the model was!

Let's set the record straight... DRONE LAW!

We always get told by producers that they discounted using a drone on shoots because they just weren't sure about the rules. I understand why! There's a lot of confusion when it comes to the law, some people have more lenient permissions than others, weight of drone varies the rules and location... it's a minefield but all the more reason to hire a team that know what they are doing!

The key point before you continue reading... if you're not sure just ask us! All we need to know is a location and a brief description of what you're looking to achieve. So... let's begin.


If you're using a small drone like a DJI Inspire or anything under 7kg then the basic rules are as follows :

  • The operator has to stay 50 metres away from people, vehicles, structures etc that aren't associated with the production. That's the most important!
  • Everyone has a maximum distance limit of 500 metres away and 120 metres high!
  • We must have land owner permission to take off.

If you're using a big drone there are a couple of differences! This might be anything carrying a bigger camera like a RED Epic or Arri Alexa mini. This applies to anything over 7kg and is split into 2 main categories


  • A congested area would be counted as a town or village or just anywhere that's 'busy' (slightly vague I know!)
  • The drone must be 150 metres away from people, vehicles, structures etc that aren't associated with the production.
  • Everyone has a maximum distance limit of 500 metres away and 120 metres high!
  • We must have land owner permission to take off.


  • None congested areas are basically places that aren't busy with people. Maybe a closed race circuit or beautiful cliff face..
  • In this instance the 50 metre rule applies. We just have to be 50 metres away from people, vehicles structures etc.
  • The same 500 metre and 120 metre height and distance rules apply
  • As always, we need landowner permission.


This is where it starts to get a little more complicated. In some instances, you may wish to be closer than the rules stipulated above. Well.... it's not impossible but will be dependant on location.
Some of our pilots have what the industry calls an 'OSC' it stands for Operational Safety Case... sounds fancy and it is!
This special permission which is only really to be used when absolutely necessary means we can fly small drones down to 20 metres from people. To fly a bigger drone we can reduce our distance down to 30 metres from both congested and non congested - with the OSC there is no differentiation between them.

By now, you probably know that we have some pretty good operating permissions abroad. Now this is something that completely varies on the operator. We have current permissions or have flown in the following countries:
But we don't want to stop there. We are completely happy to delve into the rules and see where we can operate next. No challenge is too big!

Well, hopefully that clears up a few rumours but if you're unsure, JUST ASK! We'd always be happy to check out any location to see if it's feasible to fly a drone. We can normally find a solution and with good time, planning and budget anything is possible. 

If you do have any questions, feel free to call the office on 0114 2994333 or email hello@fleye.co.uk

And to finish off, here's a few pictures from our adventures abroad...





Supercar heaven with Club GT Events

Words by Gee Milner

"I arrived in Faro airport on the Saturday evening to be welcomed by more rain than what I left behind in the UK, definitely not the best conditions for a week long supercar shoot. The taxi driver couldn’t speak much English but he seemed very fluent when describing the weather, I guess he’s used to engaging with the British about how much it rains back in the UK. He assured me that the next few days were going to be amazing weather, I could only hope he was right!

This week’s shoot was a bit of a different one, the brief was to document a supercar holiday organised by Kev, our client Club GT events based out of a stunning Villa on the Algarve. Mobility was the name of the game for the shoot as I needed to be incredibly flexible, space was limited as I was basing myself out of a Porsche 911’s front boot, the FS7 had to stay at home for this one…

Upon arriving at the villa myself and Kev started to unpack the van and then the truck arrived with a rather expensive cargo consisting of two porsche 911’s, jaguar XF, Mclaren 570 and a very special Lamborghini Aventador SV. It was going to be a very good week!

The Sony A7Sii, Phantom 4 and DJI Osmo with the X5 adapter were to be the main workhorses of the week, I hadn’t previously spent much time using an Osmo but I was really impressed with how easy it is to get stable footage using the car suction mounting kit whilst controlling the camera from inside the car on the iPad, although the wifi link between the Osmo and car proved to be frustrating at times with the feed dropping out onscreen just as you were doing a reveal, the best technique proved to be setting the camera up in one position and then leaving it rather than trying to control it.

The phantom 4 proved to be the perfect drone for this shoot with both it’s small size and very quick setup time, obviously the footage will never be as good as a RED and it’s always annoying not having a separate camera operator but it really does continue to amaze me what that thing is capable of! My main issue with the phantom is the terrible noise control, anything ISO 200 and above looks notably poor and borderline unusable.

The first day was spent filming at the Autodromo Algarve race track where the guests first raced go karts in the morning and then in the afternoon they took the cars out onto the FIA approved circuit, unfortunately a huge rain storm put a stop to filming and most of the driving until Sunset. Luckily for us the rain came to a stop, leaving us with some amazing light!

The second day featured some incredible roads and scenery and using the Osmo with the car suction mounts I managed to capture some really cool perspectives which simply would not have been possible with a standard gimbal at those speeds and in that car. Whilst the guests were priority it was important to make each shot not only incredibly quick but as there was no chance of a retake, it had to be right first time! This made for some very speedy phantom 4 setup times.

It was amazing being up close and personal with these incredible cars, the raw sounds these cars make is just out of this world. There was a very large reality check sat in traffic on the M56 in my Volvo after landing back at Manchester. The whole event ran like clockwork and Kev from Club GT events really does deserve an incredible amount of credit for how well organised these events are, we look forward to the next one that’s for sure!

That's all for now,


Roborace round 3 in France

The Devbot... what can we say about the Devbot...

The first time we filmed this beast was at Silverstone Race track, it was such a good day and the car performed faultlessly... you can read about it in our blog post here. Since then, we've filmed the Devbot for a 2 day shoot at the Formula E qualifier at Donnington Park and now it takes us to the Michelin test track in Cebzat, France.

To start off, we got French permissions turned around in just 3 days which was pretty cool and we decided to use the DJI Inspire for it's quick set up time, low data rate (for quick post production) and small size which is much more convenient to pack into the van with the rest of the gear. 

We were also doing some gimbal operating on this shoot but a little different to before... The boys at Averner Films got their hands on this amazing tracking car for super low, super fast, super slow motion tracking shots... it was awesome. 

Given we had quite a bit of time on our hands and pretty much the whole of the Michelin test track to play around on, we gave this beauty a good test, maximum stable speeds was around 30mph but it get's tricky to control much beyond that, the slowest speeds achievable depend on terrain but about 2mph is where we got it to, perfect for following people walking etc.
Where we found the car really stood out for us was doing small bursts in slow motion, the shots looked insane but it didn't particularly handle rough terrain very well... it wasn't bad but tarmac is where it's most at home.

We also managed to try the tracking car with a Canon 1DX on it which worked out well although the spring system definitely get's better with the heavier payloads.

It was just a short 4 days over to France, we'll share the video on our Projects page but keep a look out for our next post about the exciting trip Gee took over to Portugal with Club GT events and some very, very nice super cars... coming soon.

Massive music video... massive success!

What a weekend....

It's not often we get asked to shoot something in our home town of Sheffield and especially so when it's a heavy lift shoot flying the RED Epic Dragon 6k with follow focus on our Freefly Alta drone and Movi M10 Gimbal. 

Let's just set the scene. 

On the recce back in October, there was a light dusting of snow on the hills. I remember the director, Lorenzo Cisi saying "wouldn't it be amazing if we had a' the snow on a' the hill and the tree tops" (my attempt at writing an Italian accent) and well... 1 month later and on the evening before the shoot, what do we get... snow... literally perfect. 

Our focus puller Guy Jenkins checks out the location with the beautiful sunrise and snow on the heather


First shot location - the forest. 

Without going into too much detail (as I cant reveal the story line) we were in a forest, and this was our set up, cruising over the tree tops and out into the open...

The ALTA is amazing for these kind of shoots. Having a pretty heavy lift capability to fly a RED with follow focus and still have some room in the tank is brilliant. We will fly this set up for easily 10 minutes with cold batteries which really is amazingly efficient and allows us to do multiple takes without the need to land the aircraft which ultimately saves a lot of time on set. 

After nailing the first shots it was up onto the moor lands and the Ox Stones was our proving ground! 

Here was where we spent the rest of our day. The beautiful Ox Stones on Sheffield Burbage. In total, we shot 1.7tb of data and got some amazing moments that will really look good in the music video. 

The location was also great for us. Because we travel reasonably light, we had all the kit we needed to film with a RED all day, only the DIT had to go back to drop off cards. Just a 3 man crew took everything we needed up onto the rocks. 

The majority of the time up here was spent not in the air but with the gimbal set up on the ground. We can quickly switch within 10 minutes to a ground filming set up from the drone to allow us to change set ups as the director realise their vision. 

After some final tracking shots, we packed up ready to head home for the next day


What a different setting!

It was late in the day that the location was confirmed so I hadn't had chance to visit the site. The director was looking for an 'industrial' setting in stark contrast to the beautiful moorland we were filming on the day before. After taking a wrong tern heading back to London on the first recce day, they found this... it was perfect!

After a short delay of losing the car keys (nothing to do with us) and an incredibly early start... we finally got shooting after a short kip in the car! The rest of the crew turned up.

So day 2 was very different, Movi gimbal filming was the main task for the day with a moody sky in the background. It was exactly what we wanted for the look we were going for. 

Because of this, out set up was mainly focussed around the Movi work, we had a focus puller set up on a separate station and the legs completely removed from the Movi gimbal. Using the Movi gimbal in dual operator mode makes super super smooth results and even allows the director to pick up the gimbal to realise his vision. 

Sometimes an early start is worth it... not this time (sob sob)

Smoke bombs add an awesome effect to to the shots with director, Lorenzo taking the handles

Will and Guy discuss the shot..

..before heavy focus!

After a big day on the gimbal and loads of footage shot, it was finally time to set up the drone for a couple of closing hero shots around the site with the actors and key features of the video.. again can't reveal too much!

That's pretty much it from me for this one... A Massive thanks to our team:

Rob Antill - cam op
Guy Jenkins - focus puller
Will Glover - drone pilot
Minsak Nanang - runner
Max Roberts - runner
and all the guys from Park Royal Studios for making the shoot happen.

We have lots of exciting shoots coming up next week including shooting a documentary trailer, a Supercar Tour in Portugal, a 5 day trip over to France with the Roborace crew and a commercial shoot for Barclays Bank on the south coast so stay tuned as we'll be doing a write up for all... hopefully!

Heavy lifting for days... Scotland round 2!

With some amazing shots in the bag from our first trip up (see last blog post), we still needed more! Our second trip up to Scotland was short but sweet with some great results.

Flying the Leica Summicron-C 18mm always provides lovely results and this time we found a super light weight solution to a matte box, good old gaffa tape! Works very well any allows us to securely mount an ND to the front of the lens.

Keeping below f8 on the RED Epic is important as they give quite a bad reflection off the sensor when shooting into the sun on higher f-stop. This solution solves the problem and is one we'll definitely use again in the future.

Phil Sansom from PHIX London trusts his suction mounts placing one of the RED Epic's on the roof of the van! (it stuck, don't worry)

That's about it for this post being unable to share pictures of the actual shoot! Just the gear!
Look our for a few updates this week on how our test with Phase One went and also, keep an eye out for our post on the latest project, a music video for TODDLA T shot on the RED Epic with some insane BTS pictures.

See you soon!

Heavy lifting for a short film in Scotland with PHIX London

Our regular work up in Scotland just keeps coming it would seem which definitely isn't doing any good to the mileage on our car with an 8/900 mile round trip each time... don't get me wrong though, it's well worth it. 

Our friends from PHIX London asked us if they wanted us to get involved in their passion project, a short film called 'A Last Request'. learning about the kit and location we just couldn't say no really!

I'll add some more photo's to this blog post as soon as we get them but a couple of phone snaps should do for now.

The camera was to be the RED Epic Dragon with the 6K sensor and the lens choice was a beautiful set of Leica Summicron-C T2.0, at around £20k a piece... cushty! 


We were getting up to our weight limit but using the Movi M10 over the M15 saved us 600 hundred grams and using the smaller Movi batteries to power the Connex and the Movi worked a treat. The lenses were 1.5kg's each though so it's no surprise!

Throughout the week, we filmed at some stunning locations and got some amazing shots in the bag. I just can't wait to see the final film and share it with everyone... I think it's going to be pretty special.

I'll chuck a couple of BTS photo's below to take a look through and add to it as I get more!

Congratulations to all involved and big thanks to Rupert and Phil from PHIX London for making it all happen!

Learn to Trade team take on Ben Nevis

We're a fan of the outdoors and spend the majority of our time filming outside... it's just what we do. Sometimes though, the outside is a little different and this shoot for Learn to Trade and their team of sponsored climbers we were filming the ascent of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain!

The weather certainly wasn't kind do us with rain forecast, 55mph winds and -8 temperatures at the top.

We decided to pack light and take the DJI Phantom drone, it's light weight, easy to carry, reasonably weather resistant and ultimately fairly cheap if it were to get damaged. To keep our kit light we also opted to use the DJI Osmo handheld gimbal which worked really well as a light weight, high performing gimbal that's quick and easy to set up. We also found using an external Rhode microphone picked up all the sound bites we needed really well.

In total, it took us just over 6 hours from the bottom, up to the top and back down, plus half an hour of extra filming at the bottom to grab some set up shots... all in all a pretty tough day!