Freefly Movi M5


Freefly Movi M5

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A fantastic gimbal for smaller cameras such as DSLR's. We've mounted a C100 onto this rig a few times too with some great results.

Viewing is welcome at out offices in Sheffield.

Freefly description below:

Majestic Mode

Single operators can intuitively control the direction of the gimbal using the MōVI’s handles without sacrificing stability. Operators can customize their settings using the Freefly Configurator to get the feel just right for different scenarios they encounter.

Dual Operator Mode

Realize the added control with the ability of operating remotely with a second person. This allows one operator to concentrate on framing and the other on maneuvering, allowing for unrestricted and incredible 3-axis camera moves.

Hiper Stabilization

Our high performance stabilization offers advanced tuning settings, allowing you to tune your setup with complete flexibility. With HiPer, longer focal length lenses can be used without sacrificing stability. Just one example of how our advanced software makes MōVI the most advanced gimbal system available. A part of MōVI Firmware 5.0 BETA, available for download February 8th, 2016.


Get dynamic, customized time lapse sequences. All the parameters of a time lapse sequence can be defined from within the app or directly from the MōVI Controller. Simply define start and stop positions as FrameMaker. Additional FrameMaker can be added to create complex motion paths. A part of MōVI Firmware 5.0 BETA, available for download February 8th, 2016.

Inverted Mode

Ultra low or ultra high angle, the M5 gimbal captures both easily. Switching between modes is simple and the M5 automatically detects the mode and lets you focus on the shot.

Full Camera Cage

Built to handle the most popular DSLR packages and keep the camera locked on target.

Fast and Simple Setup

After the camera has been configured on the gimbal, MōVI’s no-tools adjustment allows for quick setup and 3-axis balancing. Lens changes and accessory add-ons are fast, leaving more time for shooting with your DSLR.

Drift-Free Horizon

The control algorithms developed for the MōVI stabilizer utilize a very high accuracy GPS. This GPS allows for acceleration correction when the gimbal is used outdoors and has a GPS signal. This feature is useful when used on cars and helicopters where sustained extreme accelerational forces can cause non-GPS aided systems to drift.

Ultra Lightweight Construction

The M5 is built to be as light as possible while still retaining the rigidity to maximize performance. This means you can move the camera like never before, whether it is running full speed or flying beneath a multi rotor UAV.

Custom Design / Custom Built Motors

The brushless motors are custom designed and built to be the perfect blend of performance and weight while the entire 3-axis rig runs virtually silently.


Custom Designed. Precisely Calibrated. The M5 gimbal couples the latest in sensor technology with comprehensive calibration to ensure accuracy.


Weight: 4.75 lb / 2.15 kg
Camera Cage: 130mm L x 180mm W x 120mm H
Maximum Payload: 5 lb / 2.27 kg